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much to say in praise of his versatility and the inventive

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above namely disturbances of rate and rhythm from the cerebral cortex

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The accurate Morgagni has observed that in maniacal per

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An epidemic of cerebrospinal meningitis was in progress at the time

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pletely overshadowed in the minds of physicians by the more conspicuous signs of

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Who among us is not afraid of diseases of the liver

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remained well. I sliould add that a very careful regime and restriction

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chlorotic. Several girls in the same family often manifest the disease.

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ichthyol must be applied beyond it usually it is not necessary to apply

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body is apt to be accompanied by arrested development of

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plate from which strong curved steel horns spring to carry

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times at the lower and occasionally at both at once but the

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ated blood kept at air temperature. On April the blood and serum were

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challenged. Common sense and everyday experience says

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the left heart arterial aneurisms arterial neoplasms etc. produce infarc

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tions appearing as an epidemic in a certain corner of the country.

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sequence of the accidental injection of food into the peritoneal

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growing on the tops of branches and on the main stalk. The

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smooth impalpable paste the remainder of the basis being added

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A limited number of graduates in medicine can have an oppor

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Neuralgia Painful neuralgic seizure affecting the lower

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mouth probably help to communicate it as nearly ah cases

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pigments and when biliverdin is present are grouped into rosettes of greenish

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