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rently of normal extent. The pulse was and a short systolic murmur

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lieving that free openings exist directly into the blood vessels

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The animals were then killed promptly and definite weights of the

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Death has never been known to be caused by this affec

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the oblique opening of the ureter into the pelvis of the

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more or less unknown to the young veterinarian who enters the

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phenomena liberally endowed with cerebro spinal and sympathetic

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of vaccine and sending it free on request to numerous

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were all the cases occurring in the family so far as I know.

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been restored and he also said that if five years or

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a thorough belief in the necessity of attention to little details

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remissions were much prolonged in six. Some of the cases were

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was seen before and during treatment by many intelligent

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was in the hospital with acute rheumatic fever in January. There was

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wise understands all that is spoken to him but has only

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that in some cases occurring late in life perfect rhythm is never recovered.

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applied to the limbs. Another important result arrived at from

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cial solution sold to surgeons and adding thirty parts of

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at West Point should be of practical interest and importance to the

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place depends on the structure of this object. It consists of a

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blood. Liver Much swollen very hyperffimic of mottled dark red

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it was that his counsels were so often invoked in difficult and

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When an abscess forms it is associated with a temporary rise of

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of the system after parturition. Another cause which must

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