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tion far exceeds all that it may have accomplished for the nation

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the skin which is transplanted the better the result.

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porting treatment with careful nursing and feeding. The diet should

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swelling towards the cheek. The structure of the eye howevjer

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was of a recurrent type as she had been an inmate of

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havior as described by the surveys remains high in Con

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discoloration in six months. The explanation is prob

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admitted into the Northampton Infirmary Staffordshire General Hospital May

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flies on which the young turkeys gorged themselves. Although this

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the function of the spleen in the production of white blood corpuscles

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ings when he attempted to swallow with stiffness in the neck. I

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of the recent bacteriological discoveries of the Germans for

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discharge itself in one of several directions as follows i. Into the

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had a ruddy blue face. The day after admission pain was com

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spissated secretions from them. The lips are also somewhat

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material of which that structure is composed and in those

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and is not at every turn thinking how much better he himself

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sion of the lumen near the junction with caecum with a cal

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Milk should be allowed in small quantities. In case the

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In Still s disease striking results are obtained by the static

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Otology Mental Diseases. IV. The language of the Congress shall be

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may be received in evidence and that the court did not err

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is a commentary on medical practice that the surgeon is held

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have been overlooked but such must have been of small

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on July from his late residence on Fair Street. There were

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itself but the potent suggestions awakened by it. It is probable that the

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pletion of his stupendous task. It was a work that de

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here remarks that many of the cases of this kind which

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