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In both cases cited gastric secretion after the Boas Ewald test meal

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sists through the papular stage when however the granulomata are

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play so small a part in the disposition of their in

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below lying just above the upper orbital brim. Below this are

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action of the council. But there is another matter

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lationship. It acknowledges that there are medical careers and

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abusive or loathsome language uttered by his attendant or some imag

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tem manifest some irregularit The urine is thick high co

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question in the art of breeding horses. Some breeders

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authors was modified in the course of time under the influence of the

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Infirmary. His family consists of his father mother a brother

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eration which begins in the deepest layers of the intima

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surate with the strength of the vital powers will be followed

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condition of cirrhosis known as cyanotic induration due to the

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under this heading. Tumors are merely mentioned and

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was an uncommon occurrence in his experience though not uufrequently

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son s coming from horses immunized with human strep

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the chamber shutters were thrown open and slops unceremoniously emptied

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but remain isolated where they were formed. Thus the immature corpuscles

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results of Durante who produced ulcers chronic in character by sec

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made to laugh by tickling the points of his fingers and yet

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Louisiana Hosp Instls Pers files of Dr Lewis H. Weed

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Bo tar as known she had not an enemy yet doubtless had augered

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infection but they considered its chief function to be to

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estimate inoludee the large nnmber of girls working

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which if unchecked could lead to debilitation rather

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very seriously ill. In the one of sixty nine defervescence occurred

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Another important phase of our mission is that of providing opportunity for

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rated in health slowly and in the first two tuberculosis un

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in the system is more frequently tampered with than gas

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haemorrhage within the cerebral substance in the young is commoner

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teachers. But in no other are the three brought together in a manner

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trines under the names of Thrombosis and Embolismus.

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