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or premature labors. d. Dynamic symptoms in other neighboring

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in it was stationary at the time of the report in death resulted

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are the proximate result of negligence carelessness or want

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children was. per. In Brazil especially in Kio de Janeiro

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Pathology. Cholera has probably always existed in England

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sible to be mistaken in the diagnosis of these conditions where

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veloped. In relapsing fever more than in any other have these organisms

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original B. dysenteriae of Shiga. This organism which is non motile

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has never cured a single case but relies on defrauding and

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that the rank and file of dentists will put their stamp

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must be pinched tied in mass and the hemorrhage stopped at any

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conscientious practitioners for its alleviation. As it occasion

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chair of obstetrics in the Jefferson Medical College of Phi

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Section V Diseases of Rectum Hemorrhoids Pruritis Ani

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tially both in symptoms and lesions from the ordinary continued or

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It results from these dispositions that the chondro sternal articulation of

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severe intestinal irritation. When thus lodged in the neighbour

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generally keeps up a distressing t nesmus. This dis

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and tendons become not only indurated but closely ad

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mattress on the skin cause much suffering and discomfort. With the

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the sensation was so deceptive that I could not be certain and a

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inteceat in thia editorial oeDten rather upon those

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are suffering from some weakness or lameness requiring ortho

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The varieties most sought as pets are tne Angora also called Angola

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This point is as follows It is not to be assumed simply


avenues free from buildings and covered with vegetation should

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ercise. Certain of them again are mental agencies which affect

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medicine as I conceive its purposes and scope should

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gether with an abolition of the milk diet produced a com

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