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gestion of each choroid plexus and a decided congestion of the pia

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stasis is so much more common in such countries furnishing a

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after hard muscular exertion in a hot period and much importance

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Differential Diagnosis. Paeudodiphtheritic Angina The majority

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at a time when the patients presented slight if any other evidence of

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cause is poisoning of the system by the morbific principle which generates

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neither inflamed nor diseased in its structure a case of severe hiccup

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carbonate but not more alkaline than. normal. Thymol was present

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tension is daily instituted. An expert masseur with an

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the same lines should be followed i.e. the sire should be

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dition of the internal ear. Between this and a lesion of the middle

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reports Aprs an interesting case in which a femoral and an obturator

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surements taken as to depth of thorax circumference of thorax size

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very similar to cholera morbus. Its prevalence during certain seasons seems

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albumin sugar or pus and the Wassermann test was negative. Blood exami

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from three to ten days when the latter the bleeding is shght

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present in typhoid fever. Irregularity of the pulse is an alarming

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fatally. It unquestionably occurs more frequently in those of parti

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The medulla or pith before mentioned is in some thin hairs

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cessive heat and excessive cold are both factors of

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tom of acute Bright s disease is not Bright s disease. It

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of Rome was justified in the conclusion that disinfection

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American Public Health Association would take place in Ottawa

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Injuries might also be considered a cause. Whenever

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comes in contact with the tonsils and soft palate and is forcibly

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on the articulation between the os calcis and astragalus behind

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the face seemed unnaturally thin and transparent the blue lines of the veins

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The first limitations imposed on any account purporting to assess the

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under our hands and protruded out of the wound. I had

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FIGURE. A Section of cerebral meninges reveals diffuse

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