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hundred grains of absolute alcohol can be disposed of

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him a place in the foremost rank of the world s authori

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fully we will famine the positions assumed by him in detail.

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nux vomica may be added with advantage. It may be here

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most careful and dispassionate examination of surgeons.

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of dysentery the patient was apparently qnite well and fol

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is not so generally regarded as the fiamily friend and counseller

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the country. All the reagents graduated solutions and ap

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brilliant feat of ligating the abdominal aorta in a man thirty

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coach ran between Paulus Hook and Newark left the latter

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By GEORGE RUBIN Statistician and JOSEPH BASKIN General Secretary New York City

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defended philosophical liberty against the Necessarian school but

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gestion is relieved and how the nervousness or delirium

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preparation or one of the Burroughs and Welcome tablets. The dose may be

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Indiana State Board of Health adopted the Moffatt formal

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this local condition. The pain sometimes radiates from

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becomes so swollen that the child cannot swallow sustain it

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to be rather injurious than beneficial and to increase

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out of harmony with the prognosis usually given that I shall give

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trophy of the heart in causing apoplexy is very much overrated.

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difficulty he found in avoiding reprimands and punishment for the

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their various respective vocations something they never have

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has some specimens. As in the case of Jenkins longevity is

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Thomsonian name we make ourselves liable to be accused of advocating

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port the branches are rough and hairy being large rough

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