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Correspondents vire particularly requested by the Editor to observe

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Medical Department of the Tulane University of Louisiana former

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and overpowering faintness that he went into a small stream

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seriously weigh the benefits and risks of amniocentesis

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completes roughly speaking a triangle which incloses

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In my treatise on Anal Fissure published twenty years ago by

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antidysenteric serum should be given in addition to the emetine.

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the market for certain remedies or that the power to control

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of the wall its smooth and transparent structure would

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often beating rapidly and hard with throbbing of the large ves

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theria or erysipelas will result almost to a certainty. Do the same

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tion the others were communicated to him. In all the children were

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tempter of drowning has been known after the shock of the

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of those absolutely necessary about her person and one or two

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Examination at least six months previously may present them

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only cause to which we can attribute this abstention of the cells from

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cancerous prostate. His operation of complete excision of the

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old teacher a day or two previous to his death was in reference

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heated to C for half an hour multiplication commenced and at

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of the middle social class and not among superiors or weak

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titled The Kole of Typhoid Fever in the Etiology of BiHary Lithi

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Diet restricted to gam Arabic water and slippery elm tea.

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diminishes if however the wind can find no outlet the

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perhaps an error in diet. In the relapse of mural appendicitis the

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pronpt recognition of the possible problem was facilitated by knowledge of

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