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per cent of iodine. It is an irritant substance adapted
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He was not wholly unmindful of the progress and value of the veterinary
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State to examine our candidates and pronounce them worthy before we
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salivation has obtained causing the patient great uneasiness incon
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insufficiency markedly predominates over the stenosis. How could this
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caused symptoms of incipient palsy. But cases of lead poisoning
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venosus and the umhilical arteries when the sti eam of blood is diverted
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those who were more directly concerned in oringing about this state of
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ness slowly left the region as the suppurative exudation
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Localized Paralysis is usually due to the lesion of a nerve and
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ansfixing and tying it as close as possible to the uterus I was
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classes of society. In the second section a discussion arose as to which
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which exhibits spots of patchy blackness on both the anterior and
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which the induration is extensive a radical cure can not be
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on July from his late residence on Fair Street. There were
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cut through the bone is sufficient to interfere with the
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no doubt that fever has spread from fever wards in general hospitals
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chloroform and tincture of aconite root applied to the part afflicted
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the contact lens. Optimal paver of the aphakic lens was calculated from
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have been in times past and I find I require a little
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in different positions of the body. Patients sometimes instinctively applied their
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etc. Lactic acid and a substance similar to peptone have been found.
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biting nature under the dominion of Mars. The seed of
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liable to result when they are improperly or incautiously administered.
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large towns castles and public buildings had been demolished jails
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late of piperidine is recommended in doses of from five to
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I like to think of neuricity speculatively as a colloid phase of
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a fall in the nilse rate. At the same time any other
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in enlargement of the liver and in glycosuria. Diagnosis of hemo
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for analyzing the deep complexities of humanity and this not
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sion or in its acute relapses presents to a high de
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should be remembered that lactic acid did not act as a
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liquor one ounce of Seville orange juice or of lemon
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standing numerous irregularities the table indicates that the order of

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