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mena. It is illustrated throughout creation for as you

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all the departments of the subject in histology in physiological

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year of his age of consumption. The editor of the Southern Jour

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mented forms segmenting forms and spores and altered red corpuscles

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seen in inflammation may appear to be small and unimportant and the

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investigators demonstrated that by underfeeding the blood pres

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effort that is made for its cure until the recognition

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increases more rapidly with increasing concentration than does the

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came up. A contract was made with the Engle Sanitary

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choke very often if it is an apple it can be felt and

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and orchitis in the French Army. Atrophy of the testicle

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respiration was somewhat labored. Some nausea but no vomiting.

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ALEXA. VDER Mr. Alexander Director Genei al of the Medical

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he ttvvtis globulin. While keeping in view the alkaline theory

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aggerated and the percussion note becomes constantly duller until it

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occupy too much space and as this work is intended for physicians details

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obtusion to the proprieties of conduct all have but one meaning.

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practically be empty horses should therefore be fed one

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four degrees higher than that in the jugular vein in the

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accurate to degrees an accuracy sufficient for practical purposes.

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dyspnoea had increased and there were three venous pulses for each arterial

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added to the information we previously possessed upon this

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session. Participation was voluntary and numerous pre

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and many epidemics are caused by the contaminated article.

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patient by means of the stomach pump. One of the enemata had not

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never exceed the size of a shilling. The caustic not only produces

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tinue for a long time to come. When cholera recently

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bicularis oris will be so far revented that at least no

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in eggs and meat a small amount of fat is of course included

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tion by the actual or galvano cautery or by electrolytic needles

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sizes the fact that he worked under great disadvantages

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told the mother that the little tumor might return but that the

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