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blind from his early youth in consequence of an attack of variola.

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horses cattle sheep and dogs are parasitic species of the

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confluent is the disease that follows likely to be. The eruption

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ternally applied as a lotion to eruptions and sores.

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four cases in which very grave menstrual trouble ac

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smaller. Agar plates Pure culture of bacillus colonies tending to co

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ceases is not only very difficult to determine but probably varies widely

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trotomy. The action of the compress in closing the gap firmly

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former centuries and which yet occur even to day have

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has been gradual improvement on the whole although much variation from day to

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becomes of a deeper color at first yelloAV then green finally sometimes

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Now this inaccuracy which could easily be reduced to a much more

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lary line. The tenderness is best elicited with faradism. and

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fever and the like. New Orleans will be the greatest

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Baguio Elmer Marcli Province of Nueva Viscaya Bayombong

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lour has been very happily ridiculed by one of the authors of

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Renal colic is seldom terminated by a single paroxysm it is liable

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ish red. The bile ducts stand out rather prominently. The

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This monograph by the President occupies pages of the i ransactions and

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t Ai CfiVtSclluIlmal CnanaM m amp ru esfc ThesmJt amp a

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observation together with the ultimate fate of the case. From these

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iioiis form covered with a thin layer of pus and these

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the lower extremities. His appetite was variable and

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where there was no such communication the rectum ending in a

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Dr. White had been too severe in his denunciation of this

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resting spot where the terrible blows of science will not disturb it.

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Dr. Byrne I do not understand how the recto vaginal fistula

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width. It has been most often found on the lesser curvature in

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disease of vmknown etiology was the greatest discapacitating factor

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trict of Columbia at the National Capitol In Honor of Dr. Marion

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