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suggestion I would certainly be obliged to mention among
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ate. The first symptom numbness in the fingers of the
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tions and other disorders of the breast. The leaves of the
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What struck Bedson in the fumes from gunpowder was their marked
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only taught that tracheotomy under the circumstances in which
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of surprise that in cases of separation of the epiphysis osseous union should
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violent revolutions in the medical constitution be avoided.
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make such additional rules and regulations as are neces
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A patient suffering from exophthalmic goitre about a year ago
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instances impossible to determine positively whether the
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mentioned usually occur in groups and gradually coalescing form
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inspecting and vaccinating the whole population was
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pressed compound fracture of the right temporal bone involv
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removed and these spaces should as soon as practicable be covered
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Fibrous goitres so called are the results of chronic degenerative and
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Hasmorrhoids may occur. On the side of the nervous system are
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vertebrae pachy. externe limited to site of lesion com
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purpnrata Blanco Oiolcpis nigrescens Turcz. Capura niffrescens Vidal Olophora
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founded principally on observations made in Japan. Up to the
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being no further necessity for pinning ourselves to
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qumidine. Hypokalemia is uncommon with Dyazide. but should
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few particular towns for the purpose. The latter Act consoli
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crease in the violence of the cough. I then thought of the Golden
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tion it must be possible to demonstrate that unusual exertion actually
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Artillery with five years Indian service and three months residence
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the dysphagia and aphonia without a corresponding difficulty of respiration or
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major field precludes the conferring of the degree in the same year.
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reflex irritation of fibers of the pneumogastric nerve i. e. reflex irritation
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hen told him to call in another medical man. Witness went for Dr.
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admission to the tissues. We also know that the infection is a single
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This process widens the circle more secretion pours out more
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widest sense of the term does not do his whole duty to
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change of septic germ kept up unless this condition is

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