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a second injection containing decigrams was administered. This

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As elaborators of nervous force they are independent agents but

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by caustic or corrosive agents. Care is necessary in their applica

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reform and must inevitably cause confusion and perplexity

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two or three lines the pulp below retaining its original

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its stage of softening and suppuration when it suggested

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the two processes go on until there is proliferated connective tissue where

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fistulas and the head bathed in a decoction prevents the falling

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unknown. Seeing however that the disease is generally believed to be of

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In lichen agrius rest in bed may be required with lime water and

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amount of poison were abstracted from the liver sufficient of itself to be

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it is like an anesthetizing one the plantar and cremasteric reflexes

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questra in crumbled masses and in fragments. The elimination

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The bone becomes thickened in the neighborhood of the joints.

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pulse so excited in the ganglionic cells. This power being conducted

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diuresis dependent on increased glomerulus filtration occa

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suffering became intense morphia and atropia was given hypodermatically.

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others. To be too large for worry too noble for anger too

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to trismus from slight intestinal disturbance or from the effects of

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ous lar lt e of a recldish colour they term mate the stem

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masses become agglomerated and form dense opaque round groups

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frequency occurring in paroxysms. In this form also the phenomenon

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already discovered and described in works on bact eriology. As a

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diseases. With collodion it forms an admirable protecting

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vations throwing light on the anatomy of the disease.

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tributed to all management personnel and others who may be

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the tongue the thorax and the diaphragm were all in

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