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faction of meeting the members at the sessions of the Association

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situated in left iliac lumbar umbilical and hypogastric regions and encroaching

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Lower respiratory infections including pneumonia caused by

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one dose. If these directions are carefully followed

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this continued more or less during the night. There was

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and have been very well satisfied with the results. Of

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an alteration excitation or dimunition of the functions which are so

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antiseptic method may be grouped under one of three

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volving the larynx whether operated or not occurring in

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tion having been made in the appearance of the food during

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large quantities of thick reddish pus are expectorated and spon

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readily detectable from it. The pia mater was injected to the

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There were no symptoms of rickets in these cases and the

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by caustic or corrosive agents. Care is necessary in their applica

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But perhaps we have all along mistaken the apothecaries in

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A course of about thirty lectures on the principal disorders and diseases

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treated either by the gypsum cast or by extension in the

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accomplish the functions of living things is now simply dead material unable

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too aged is promptly curable in the vast majority of cases.

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have a long rest that the integrity of the organ may be obtained

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g. Persons who have low blood pressure and poor peripheral circula

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at fault. To this conclusion many gyneecologists will certainly

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sequent on taking a wrong step when fatigued and unable

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of the single doses Schaefer in eighty six percent. In

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most instances only those methods drugs and operations have been advised

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presence of tubercle bacilli in the blood however can

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to notify the Registrar of the College by sending him

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Dr. Charles Bland of Philadelphia has been a sufferer from a

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