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iodine to the indurated parts occasionally has a good effect but from
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violation of this law that patients who looked as if they
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Mangini et Belligneux et P. Brette Ancien Interne des Hopitaux de Lyon
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Town Council. The medical school of Edinburgh thus arose and
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large an amount of rain has not fallen in London during any week
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The Crown Prince is reported to have said that no war
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The additional factor viz. forced exj iratory effort with closed glottis after a
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about the end of the sixteenth century and the pine apple at
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ton An explanation which suggests itself is that the testicular
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one of the best is the hypoglycaemic phase of the dex
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also those eruptions of blood from the nose and even from the
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of the caecum with the abdominal walls preparatory to
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a series of tables including cases that had been treated with antitoxic
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spoonful. Syrup two ounces of fluid extract to eight ounces
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INDIVIDUAL with modifications of judgment dependent upon the
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adopted in fever and yet the feeble refreshment obtained
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laudanum may be reduced to avoid narcotism. We usually advise each
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and prsBcoroial anxiety. His general description of the svni tcmiSj wnioh is for
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does not tend to abscess and is amenable to constitu
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under observation after operation. In consequence some
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in putrid diseases and in convalescents from fever so in these
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any harm. The patient returned a few months a go and the
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It is evident that all of these theories cannot be without modifica
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outline to you some of the features of the medical schools of the
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the art of scrubbing a little better than do some who
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ever since his retui n to this place. He takes no in

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