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Health Officials Hold Office Ulegally. With the exception of
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property the limited extent of surface over which they can
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roused though he was evidentlj in a serious condition. His physical exam
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Liniments of a slightly stimulating nature may also be used but I
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purpose yet if he afterward formed the design and purpose
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Fresh meat is usually kept in ice houses. This mode of
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fouthern conftitution of the air had increafed all her
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veloped and refined as nowhere else. There are benevo
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most foetid character was discharged. The opening was care
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structures which color has given rise to the names chloroma
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fayden and Eowland at the Jenner Institute of Preventive Medicine upon
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increased on pressure for which a blister was applied with relief.
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tions we are wont to weigh their lives and actions with
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cause cannot be removed or to such as ai e due to chemical
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Earlier in the same paper he describes the normal ova as terminal spined.
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ment than in pneumonia. While some cases require but
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leaves are used as a salad j the eeed pods with foot
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the first place which can be volatilized readily and which
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Association s International Agency for Research on Can
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which so frequently occurs at the close of measles is
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unfortunately we have no certain diagnostic sign other than the ordi
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should be treated freely with some preparation of iodin in
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Symptoms. Great heat and burning pain in the stomach convulsions
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never sufficient in the system at one time to produce toxic effects.
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horseflesh. The natives of that locality who come to
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satisfaction felt and expressed that even temporary ease had
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When the bacillus mallei is found in the circulating blood the disease
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been omitted in the consideration of this subject that
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In these foreign cities the death rates ranged from. and. in
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This algorithm to solve the over estimated system can be summarized in several

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