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tures taken from the Joint fluid and from the excised synovial

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in a very sick person should always raise the suspicion that

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for nine days. Ten days after the last application the patient had de

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time was not far distant when such legislation would

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with gouge and medulla exposed. Marrow in lower half of tibia was more

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their value as food for hogs and fail to appreciate them

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tion The lung at once expanded and respiration was heard throughout

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tition of printers would be better than the competition of three journals.

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by in the wilderness of this world and to the honour of

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the time or are confined to the ordinary barnyard they become

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the development of a proper and effective dietetic treatment of diabetes.

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culiar change in the physiognomy. On account of the

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Since we are dealing with a multidimensional optimization problem i.e. three

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not newly contracted sores. They may occur at very various periods

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versal disease with regard to place and country but we can

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is the rule and in the aged acute tonsillitis is impossible because there

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suffering from the injurious influence of a paludal poison. We

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nalize their presence in so unmistakable a fashion

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In traumatic tetanus the nerves supplying the affected parts are some

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winds and some climatic variations in reference to disease and its

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due to difficulty in determining accurately the pH of the very dilute

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mediately neither the medicated nor the purgative and nutritive clysters

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have described the symptoms which we know that haemorrhage

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They have not fallen under my observation in the obstetric pa

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beyond the conclusions laid down by Dr. Ferguson that the

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the Jacksonian epilepsy persisted for fourteen years. Hughlings Jackson has

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pared for the reception of the slice to dissect up the conjunctiva and

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