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stance of the brain itself. When the cephalo spinal fluid which

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function of the nervous system. We may study by the

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than to the ordinary civilian one. Here we have an armamentarium

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injury now becomes swollen it may be by imbibition of water through

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Nothing of particular interest was observed in this study except

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departments of our science by the beautiful generalisation of Schleiden

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in the ears and about the finger joints. Otherwise physical examination was

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believe it is a better plan to defer the administration of lax

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important ones of Lanark Edinburgh Stirling Ayr Fife and Aberdeen all

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back to the disease causing it obviously the more natural

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tory nerve endings in the renal cells or the cells them

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animals is equally remarkable. In the depression left by the invagina

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Royal Infirmary Surgeon to the Leith Hospital. Volume

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concerned in producing the secretion. The mode in which blood escapes into the

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Murchison whose experience at the London Fever Hospital ex

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mental basis tremendous progress has been made in inorganic and organic

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lent pleurisy and pericarditis due to the gonococcus pulmonary infarct.

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nine and strychnia with injections of iodine varying

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tation the movements which are afterward easily evoked

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inflammation of the iris foreign bodies in the cornea and by

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great reduction in this organ may occur but I have never seen the

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thing went into immediate Operation and now within three

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tee be reimbursed for the outlay. It was also voted that the

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