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ease. Thirty four patients recovered. The average daj on which
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established the patient may have no symptoms whatever. Three cases of
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effects two days after he resumed his usual business. Though not altogether
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acute stage spells disaster many tinres. We must give nature time
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of peripheral neuritis. Occasionally brief apoplectiform attacks are
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Amphistomum hominis Fig.. First described by Lewis and Mac
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serious nature are much better combated by treatment related
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haps lying in the capillary is thus affected. There is a general increase
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eases of alimeotatioa and aecretion inelndiog geoaial pathol
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Phenol is usually taken in concentrated form and may produce
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was fully four inches externally and fully two inches
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are checked in their journey through them by the lymph
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All drugs and all medical and surgical appliances were provided
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Descrip. This is the most beautiful of all the Willow
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are a painful blov inflicted du the poll striking or rut
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forward and the amount of difference between the ribs on
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or vitiated condition of the fluids we shall prescribe in vain.
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lungs gave way to the fine crepitation heard in the early stages
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consequences. The faith he had in the efficacy of the
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place. Some have urged ending the pregnancy by artificial
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The phrenic nerve was always unaffected. When there was not com
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tell you they cannot count ten and make real efforts to
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gradual development of a true bony acetabulum where it
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exist in the system before the fever makes its appearance and
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control of the balancing mechanism of the body to overcome the
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the use of parataloid is unusual and few permanent cures of
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stances will not be used by the body in this manner.
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to illustrate with some excellent woodcuts the best
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So much then for the chemical examination. What about the
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be suspended or modified by holding the breath an experiment
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tures of Schwann s work were the recognition of the nucleus not the
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examination is always of great value. If this shows peri articular change
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levofloxacin has good activity against both the typical and

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