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school must have a lecturer on anatomy a lecturer on physiology

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Manipulating by the hand in the rectum has produced good results.

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The degreeof M.D.Cantab can be obtained only by going through

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tha water will be allowed to aattle anfficiantly to reUave it ol

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irregularity of administration than to any of the other causes which have

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the recoveries are good recoveries there is no pallor and

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a memorial to Dr. R. Landau who gave the first impetus to

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inakes a great point of consumptive patients who dwell

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muscle is fresh the continued contraction remains for

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abdomen in two places and found that the fluid had become purulent

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descent of the foetal head and rupture of the perina um was

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mination at least of the apoplexy may reasonably be expected.

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N. B. Surgical apparatus for every variety of deformity made

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These crescents are either congenital or induced. If the former is

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He was conveyed to La Charit. The blood which flowed

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be made in twenty minutes and several can be done to

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vulsive seizures gradually diminished in violence and frecpuency and ceased

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to which the so called cancerous diathesis has no correspon

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cated a diminished thyroid secretion should be looked for. Rapid

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walls of the canal completely open to the bottom thus making an incised

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containing descriptions of the articles which stand

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homoeopathy in this country. And if our friends will be ac ive in

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clearly written and full of suggestive precepts and

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ing antitoxic unit in terms of which the dosage of commercial antitoxin

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size of the individual. The posterior part of the body

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violence in all probabihty the deafness of which complaint is

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case the chalk mixture will be good say chalk oij aq.

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to find almost any one of the organs of the abdominal cavity

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has been offered and may be adopted provisionally until

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Dr. Bedford of Sydney Australia reports this case On

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quantity of sugar. Then Chevreul learnt that the sugar

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stiff and continuous with a handle which being grasped in the full

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pairments and to accept large risks for the benefit of their pres

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ing documents. Reductions on the Italian railways are avail

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biologically unrelated. The Army Medical School vaccine was originally

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