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it is now usually believed that they are not true metastases but growths

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liver are the seat of suppurative pylephlebitis extension of the process from

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tepid drinks and the pediluvium are all that are necessary. In

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compiling their dispensatories the early mediciners often

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Chest. Lungs normal. Blood vessels of the dependent por

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Bureau of the Health Department for the following statement of cases

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inflammation after brief acute interstitial processes the muscular fibers

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case of purulent gonarthritis in a man set. forty nine long gouty

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of atomized ether against the part to be anaesthetized.

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commonly pallid or livid. The eyeballs seem staring and motionless

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A medical writer associates emotional journalism yel

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the nerve in recent lesions of this description and from

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may occur spontaneously and are apt to come on when the patient awakes

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irregular fever somnolence transfusion with temporary relief in

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In turning over the pages of this Journal three articles

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species especially as between tsenia solium and trenia saginata and this

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mucous Diembrano an t he m at of marked hemorrhage which

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slightest pressure causes intense suffering or you are totally prostrated

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Chart. Thirty seven determinations of blood pressure and whole blood

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rating the rooms of his home. He had painted one room

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table is covered with heavy plate glass while numerous

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equal in nutritive value but differing in certain physical properties

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every day use then it has one defect which might otherwise be

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order for the last general meeting on Thursday evening the d

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tion meeting at Willard s Hotel is as follows Tuesday

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Treatment. Internal medication is rarely indicated. The

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and discomfort. This is just instinct. Similarly if we depart

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while another. iridescens may be entirely exempt. Such

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the mammary glands to excrete the injected casein ahhough in none of the

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the depressive kind that still further disturbs digestion interferes with per

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