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life became less subject to this affection so that from never

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improperly be styled a modero medical Paladia for like tbe

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brain was completely gorged with blood in fact apoplectic to which

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treated S patients in the hospitai proper in the acci

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pressly stated that there were scarcely any symptoms of shock from the

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parenchymatous neurosyphilis is more than twice as great as in the

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skillful diagnostician who in the half revealed and inconstant phe

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therewith that is they were bound to make her whole in so

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tion by the actual or galvano cautery or by electrolytic needles

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and yet violently endeavouring held it about six inches from his mouth

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When first seen she was four feet eight inches and an eighth

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not uncommon. The temperature is sometimes elevated but presents

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them from the similar signs that are observed in pneumonia. Tuber

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potassium has been given by some. The frequent insertion and re

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nervous centres in every other organ of the body can be

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in the four cases reported although not sufficient to tnake

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ulation a comparatively small amount of serum a volumin

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ment the patient is suffering from makes it a very difficult prob

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diseases. The glands about the roots of the lungs are commonly

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broke through the anchylosis and found the acetabuliKm to be

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number of cases. Greater fluctuations of tomi erature ofcnrred

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beyond the conclusions laid down by Dr. Ferguson that the

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be carefully selected and must be those of true hyper

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