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procured a Barrett milliamperemeter so as to test the for

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experiments in the transmission of signals to points in the Bethesda area

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the cases the microscopic examination of the products of the

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from the alimentary canal mixed with the desquamated endothelial

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Joints can be treated successfully by garlic juice applied on white

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operator. When left to himself to give an explanation for his actions

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tions are more intensely colored in stained preparations

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lasting in season well nigh a quarter of a year. True

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Several varieties of degeneration are recognized as occurring in muscles.

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cities. Registration laws have been enacted for New York and Phil

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beneath the eyes she was quite sensible and answered quietly

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have been seen. There may be much blood also in the cellular tissue

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berger and Frohner claim that a large number of clinical facts

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nised pjblic medical schools can he received by the Court of Exami

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and in a fortnight the horizontal measurement was reduced to i j

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have been the result of a rare geometric conception.

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own observations instead of those made in common by the

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On the following Monday the husband of the deceased en

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posits and that the exudation might have taken i lace i

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fold observations on the increase of the tetanizing element of bile

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which have been outlined for the treatment of migraine.

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abdominal or thoracic cavities as in paracentesis. It may

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