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the term they give it. There is a set of old women who

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explained entirely by accidental infection. In ani

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Second Annual Report of the State Board of Health and Vital Sta

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from typhoid patients and also by drinking water from springs and wells

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tism lumbago hyperaesthesia and pleuritic pains. It is applied

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may be necessary belladonna to maintain blood pressure strychnin to aid

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sative women and weak convalescents without pain and the peristalsis is

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to denominate a Lesion in which tin tubes of the kidney an blocked

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Dr. Ffeiffer finds camphor very pernicious both to the breast and

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ativ operation des Schadels bei inoperablen Hirntumoren read

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could be done. He was aware that these steps would not prevent infection

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trium. The cavity is then irrigated with a five per cent

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in all cases except those known to be strictly undeserving

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wooden or vulcanite holders. After I sinus in which trephining and

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physician there. On her return four days afterward she told me

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Contribution to the Therapeutics of Pain. By Thomas J.

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taste putrefying sewage when they swallow it and can t smell

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often entails great suffering. Leeching and cupping is

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liver lesions were not seen in the mouse study and no increase in

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became many times less inhuman than shot and shell.

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ment. At the end of a month progress being delayed by a slow

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without causing left ventricle hypertrophy or marked accentuation of

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disappeared from all of the internal organs. In many of these cases there

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baths which have been extensively employed of late years. When

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slowing and the brothers Weber h n e demonstrated that the vagus is

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the limits being two and seven days. Macacus rhesus h died twenty

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lived in Mardin Turkey. Subsequently it was owned by

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tell you they cannot count ten and make real efforts to

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