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the same horse two years to be acclimatized to India where

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great reduction in this organ may occur but I have never seen the

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maintenance of the clinics. A portion of the salary of

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movements to the writing needle L by a system of levers

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Diptheria. After scarlet fever be careful to look for dip

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consumed at the famous springs of this country and Europe

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The English evidently desired to so protect the bodies of their early

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product of a fermentative change going on in the body during

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First. Inspection of the ileocecal region reveals the terminal

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such a series of phenomena as are shown by the present group

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straw in the bottom of the tub to ease the feet in the

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bladder was empty. In a few hours the diarrhcEa ceased and

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twenty four hours after the chill. The jDulse was temperature

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Resides the above several more instances of s iall pox after

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the gall bladder may be dilated or atrophied and when the fundus is

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Disease of coronary artery and aorta congestion of lungs

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Southern States in which occasional cases of severe bilious remittents

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logical appearances. This is unquestionably true of the terminal

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respiration will still go on though with diminished fre

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phthisis also the flourishing townships of Aliwal North

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which probably developed a panic reaction to so for

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and moral educational culture pillars of brass crowned with lily

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dilated. The patient is quite conscious during the fit. There was

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