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twelve days from this time the case had not perceptibly

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to prove that there once existed in Western Europe at a period of

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to circulating preformed antibodies has virtually dis

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twenty one years respectively. The writer asks Avhat prospect of

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wheeling and standing at attention at word of command in

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piopciate at this fiftieth anniversary as it particularly

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respectable dealer for the following reasons In the

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Dr. Bedford of Sydney Australia reports this case On

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very eflicient in keeping the parts free from foetor and in check

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This empathic sensitivity to the suffering of the mentally

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tlian the first. At the base the sounds were londer over

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he was not always so his position was a difficult one. The division

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bowel has not the slightest disturbing influence upon the

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in the treatment of rodent ulcer by the X rays that Srst attracted

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many millions of dollars we are confronted by the further fact

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identity in all those headaches and sensory disorders which

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amount of damage in any severe malarial infection. Thus out of

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I shall speak is practically performed by its originator only.

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loose dressing but if you see the limlj soon after the

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of an hysterical nature which got rapidly well without any treatment.

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selves to a belief in the theory that it is the bearer of

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If a dynamo is designed with three separate sets of windings on its

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reaction against some injurious material as Metschnikoff thinks yet

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inch Itehiud the anterior superior sjjinous process and breaking the iece off.

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examination of faeces. The parasites are studied from the

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epidemic diseases registered in the districts during the week

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slide on which the drop of blood rests before it is smeared.

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only the alternative of a more rigid quarantine or of more vi

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