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and in none more so than with colchicum in nauseat
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ramifications the disposition of which is entirely the same as in
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ing from the right wing of the thyroid cartilage v as
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practice he had previously left and re instated himself as the
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deepened by very numerous petechise or by marbling. Ecchymoses
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Take another example and this time from a place where
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tion the others were communicated to him. In all the children were
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round the sphincter are revented from rising up and
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of the attack. The same reasoning will apply to a somewhat less
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By the end of the next week the fibrous nodule had almost
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roU call Dr. Bland of Waterbury President Drs. Ross Kelly Whit
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at Head uarters Division of the Pacific and will report in
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changes in the lens whose fibers previously as transparent as clear
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It is more common however to encounter patients and
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crews of vessels bound for Europe but not for their detention
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Few women who are afflicted with disease of the pelvic
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the human body. Yet there is every reason to believe that the
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Introductory. Impartial students of the history of medical progress
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with the personal professional views of its distin
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chemical agents cannot be directly determined simply by immersing the
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the cicatrix he was instructed to wear a soft elastic
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of pregnancy and from the fourth month to the end of
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has been observed in acute mural endocarditis. Wounds of the heart and
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breathed at rest the less will be the tendency to dyspnea on exertion
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Mario L. Salvanelli and Vida Jo Niebuhr Physical Therapy Service
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Attention is called in an Australian letter to the JUur to the

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