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they can be recovered by such artifices as hypnotism crystal gazing

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arrived at the hospital an enema of sterilized lukewarm water was

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enlarged. For four years the permanent swelling has been slowly

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chromatin derived from the originally nucleated condition of the red

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sat over many a mug of grog far into many nights discuss

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tion is called tapping the chest or technically paracentesis

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It may also be remarked that corpulency and obesity seem

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the collector of customs at said port of entry together

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By our modern method we secure the great advantage of a

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of the loins it is much more likely to affect the articulations of

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firms the writer s assertion that medical authorities

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quacks about refining it and making it. palatable are it is de

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operate without the express wish of the owner and exoneration from

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The President s Address. After a retrospective view of

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which press heavily on the military siu geon cannot

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to protect himself against the injuries which menace him and to

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oheck to absorption and secretion first excessive and then diminished floir

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showed a few colonies of Staphylococcus albus Streptococcus viridans and diph

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normal activity without the accompaniment of diffuse

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which it is endemic or prevalent to another situated

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simulate a pseudo membrane. Too frequently in practice

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There was nothing of special interest in this case.

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ings were jealously watched and every ray whose flash

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serious nature are much better combated by treatment related

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ence which had not been a small one those cases which ex

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Ferrier had been doing anything to localise special sense and was very

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