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and destroyed an immease Alexandrian library. The Arabian

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Borough Surveyor Fulham late Borouph Engineer Bacup Lanes.

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from prostatic irritation and dysuria. The other seen

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fore this part of the treatment could be self inflicted the

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offered is that the patient cannot bear the light as

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in the wash water and various organs varied greatly and the time

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have passed off. This is necessary as in his unconscious condition

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orthopnoea are suggestive. When pericardial adhesions exist the blood

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lids or lips and put a stop to feeding or even threaten

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predisposed hyperadrenal individual is apt to show lessened skeletal

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especially at the most important public occasion the annual

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even diabetes points also in the direction of the central

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especially the inoculation of guinea pigs. Evidences of tuberculous disease

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some cases of chronic disease that had seemed inex

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round bald place similar to the tonsure of the priests it

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making sanitary changes in their sleeping cars might this

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the body temperature is slightly elevated as heat elimination

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part of the operation which required a good deal of caution it

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the vulvar opening are measured not from the occipital

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to these variations. If a person micturates more than

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dren suffering from an inflammatory disease of the eyes must be prohibited

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lating protein and like carbohydrates conserve protein

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tory state of the encephalon yet be does not doubt tbat

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uterus and might increase anteflexion. If it was begun at an

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night after next day his respiration was free and he declared he

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Before specifying these cases however it may be well to recall

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straight vertical incision being made through the skin

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Among the revolutionary results of recent pharmaco

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enlarged and do find a middle turbinated body persistently in con

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him that he treats particularly of women s distempers and seems

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of Isaac Griffin previous to the th of January when the nitrate of

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in some cases simple thigh operations may succeed as in the

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