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Dr. Meltzer I certainly included so called chronic uremia.

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In Cuba Mexico and Central America some of the most fatal forms

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responding impediment in the case of the mitral valve is in

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forms the epithelial tissues of the alimentary canal and of its associated

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Unless the examination shows the dressings to be in a bad or

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Percy Leslie M.D. The defence was that the defendant acted as

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breast conservation treatment. Optimal long term results

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required but he thought not. As to the symptoms by which cure

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Of a series of cases subjected to general electrical treatment at Clay

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served. In examining the breath from a consumptive Dr.

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third on the pastern limbs and less frequently the tnink

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account of the whole affair is found in the Columbian

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solution favoured agglutination. Streng in another communi

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so striking that when once familiar with the appearance

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also a case of gigantism or somatomegaly with some symp

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in sound health and without any definite cause such as injury

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nerve roots and not in the spinal cord but Charcot op.

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and diseases of the heart muscle presents the difficulties that have been

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where so long as he can vomit easily he is pale apathetic

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kidneys increases under the same circumstances it would appear

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candidate is examined both on fresh and preserved specimens.

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limited motion which was due I think to concussion of

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sudden fall with corresponding diminution of pulse beats the gradual decline

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considered the most radical effort science has yet made

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In these cases besides the usual induration in the region of the

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Very important features of the Gloucestershire Scheme

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The observations were taken from a variety of cases.

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the depressive kind that still further disturbs digestion interferes with per

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Depart of Venereal and Skin Diseases Physician to Charity Hospital

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The malarial affections which occur in this country can scarcely

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By modifying this mode of experimenting it may be ex

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laigeat namljer of oat patiento IU. The apadai boapitato

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