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Proceedings and Addresses at a Sanitary Convention held at

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sole reliauce in this direction in most buildings. The air

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done. I say partially digested for one pint of milk treated

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coccus is found the chances are great that we are dealing with

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pains in the abdomen with looseness of the bowels perhaps vomiting with

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over the region of the heart. The patient was walked

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more practical subjects for what can be more truly practical than the means

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is the officinal part as met with in the drug shops. It is

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body or particular parts of it but in consequence of which the

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iterates his own views on the subject first published

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elimination of waste products and of poisons to dilute the

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erage however no patient is turned away even if the hospital

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myocardial disease and of the urine. Tuberculous patients frequently

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These observers noted that there Avas a marked contrast between

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or damage. No charge or deposits for laboratory materials are required from

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degenerations which often escape observation in the study of sections of the

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was exclusively devoted to domestic affairs and the care of her health which

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to the fact that a true cardiac tonio must be an agent or

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Barao do Lavradio Historia das epidemias do Brasil .

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where the patient having suffered for a considei able time from

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Nowhere has anything been taken bodily from the German and

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be placed on the permanent staff of attendants. We have said that the

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mor becomes very large several glands will be implicated. When

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dehorning or spaying should be done before or within two

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