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ments of a really well instructed child of good family. Its

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the genus Musca like M. pattoni associated themselves around cattle

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is no indication what to expect when there is stress.

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popularity the medical class was two or even three times as

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too long continued especially when applied to young or

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daily into the streets a large quantity of water impregnated with

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which its cavity became again of about its natural caliber. The

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pose. We should be satisfied with a gain of a pound

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and hire those on the borderland of breakdown physi

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ders of the mind the brain and its connexions are usually affected

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This is a very gratifying showing. If thcs schools once be

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on by the hope of discovery and success have recommended

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domen with inadequate muscular and liga When cathartics are given to flush the

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which the doctrine of the Magi stood is that it was

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usually expose the spot through which the inflammation has come

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of being closely followed out. The true theory and practice of Medi

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perience leads to the following conclusions. The muriate

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cult to do and frequently it was necessary to use some force.

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chapel in which the doctors were wont piously to attend

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success was pronounced from the first and during the

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Intravenous injeftion has for long been one of the favourite

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when the physiological relationships of human society are being so

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and tox albumins which may be indicated by the single word tox

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source of danger as regards secondary infection. Several writers have

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