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gatin. The addition of an alkali does not change the color and the

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compared with man. Cattle are frequently attacked horses

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importance except in children specially susceptible in virtue of previous

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was rather by his personal qualities which always attracted those who

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such treatment can neither remove the disease nor relieve the symptoms.

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to day would have been largely useless had it not been for the

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arated their chemical and physiological properties ascer

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know also that no race is immune. In Africa in the South

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jejunum. If the stomach participates in the disease the mucous

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this faculty should be properly cultivated and trained as well

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therefore producing definite effects on the taste before swallowing and on

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in its course towards the bladder if an inflamed mucous patch

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aortic stenosis with great thickening of the aortic cusps but in vege

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on the growth and derelopment of the rising genera

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from the well intended blunders of your ancestors. But meet them

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was inserted it was not followed by any improvement so

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Through repeated efforts on the part of the American

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eration of compensatory tenotomy must be avoided inasmuch as it is

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these cases I will relate. Mrs B of Worcester County Mass.

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In the Archives of Pharmacy Jpage it is stated that

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series of numbers tend to neutralize each other owing to

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Dr. Charles Bland of Philadelphia has been a sufferer from a

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organ and sometimes the slightest touch sets up a severe paroxysm. In

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to note that the Judge Judge C. H. Truax in his charge

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pleurisy to the deeper layers and now under the increased pressure

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