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charge diminished but not suppressed. She was at this time pre

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Not unfrequenlly the spleen has been found diseased on dissection

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affected the motor nerves and as this loss of contractility

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has not had her fair chance at the hands of civilization.

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areas the breathing is tubular and the V. R. increased but

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American practitioner of medicine would have an opportunity

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find it to be in diseases attended with spasmodic action of the

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creasing hence the chances for a successful operation

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tions of its development and activity in the mucous mem

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or the insufflator or galvanic electricity may be applied by the direct

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phenazopyridine hydrochloride (pyridium)

The objections urged against the ligature have been based

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cannot stamp it out by heroic measures we should be content if we

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quency past frequency influence of drugs mental state and

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be to one half its original volume. Trasbot reports a case of

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the Connecticut Research Association hoping thereby to bring

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to some extent of the deceitfulness certainly of the plethora of

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riform openings leading to minute abscess cavities in its body

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without mishap. Of these he gives a list comprising opera

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in position by a suitable bandage around the chest and ice was continuously

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had fallen into his hands the happy termination of which had

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blood group which will agglutinate the original cells of

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jected to a pure culture of the fungi just mentioned in a

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motor mechanism functions of the nervous system the

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subject in itself and one so far but imperfectly studied.

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the processes of nutrition in the part of the body with

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why is phenazopyridine not available in canada

upon which I may remark is first the fact of the wo

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