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pipe be perfectly smooth covered with oil or lard and not
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with a layer of synovial membrane except in the places
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he was found in a comatose condition with a temperature of
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ease has been followed by reports of cures in inoperable
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the preponderance of deaths from other causes in crowded
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percentage incidence at all times of the year. It was expected that the
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parently no water passed into the rectum nor from the rectum
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by his own confession laid himself open to his enemies in
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lications with reference to compressibility of the lower uterine
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The University of Cambridge is heartily to be congratulated on the
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than caseation. In this cartilaginous mass earthy salts may
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that the event is of frequent occurrence at Dresden where pul
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strains and removed the agglutinins the other strains generally
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tives should now be administered not at remote intervals and
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according to his method of living and the idea of being con
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having completed the second winter session of professional study at
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combination of erythromelalgia Eaynaud s disease and acute oedema occurred.
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Fractures. The peculiarities of this splint are sufliciently familiar to Ame
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had been no marked elevation of temperature. Here also the
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entrance of blood into the right side of the heart.
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the temperature was pulse and the patient felt well. When
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gans apparently sound. Death followed in less than twelve
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both cerebellar hemispheres. The cross bone incision of Cush
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tical men whether from daily conversation or from their writ
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ber published in June last the Report of the Committee ap
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antiseptic method may be grouped under one of three
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to become infected and if has balanitis is unfitted for service of
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danger. The premises secured were the second flat and attics of the old
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ization and personnel. They wisely decided to secure the services of the
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measures that are employed in the case of the other typhoidal dis
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the whole body surface speedily followed by copious
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nign cystic epithelioma were illustrated by a photograph

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