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verted into the state of a fracture very unfavorable for bony

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no superior and probably no equal and while he had formerly

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The Treasurer being absent the hearing of his annual statement was post

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faces and mucous membranes. It produces considerable

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of the bone was held in place the movement of the shoulder

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of course poor records make a physician extremely vul

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ganic substances are different from those affecting the

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Pelvic congestions reflex disturbances closely simulating

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dered rhubarb oz. alkaline solution Brandish s fluid

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The material side of our advancing civilization has developed dur

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even under the most favorable conditions will not take up an excess

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The curve of mortality tallies closely with that for erysipelas.

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Natural History. Coenurus cerebralis is the cyst form of

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ferences in the nature of exudations is to be found in the special

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headache vomiting convulsions hyperpyrexia delirium passing rapidly

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marked. A brief comparison of the various methods of treatment

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Adjourned to meet on the second Wednesday in March at the Cali

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and Foreign Medico Chirurgical Review for October together

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that the Recorder recognizes even more fully than some of our

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or. per cent. Of the cases half of the consorts had

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of the results obtained by the intravenous injections of non

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Daniel Was it true that the training in English hospitals

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This was done on the following Wednesday at my clinic

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bodies of people banded together for the common good of all that

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