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salt as recommended in the treatment of internal hemorrhoids. Obsti

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tieprive them of a great part of their value for our purposes. The

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elimination of waste products and of poisons to dilute the

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straightening even in children of five or six years ot

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real appreciation of the truth of the observation of the Gallic

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scrofula. It occasionally causes purging of blood terrible salivation

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Such a consummation though most devoutly to be deprecated

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lobar pneumonia during some stage of the disease in a large per

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differences of opinion. Of course the manner in which

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Chest. Lungs normal. Blood vessels of the dependent por

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pyogenetic cocci circulating in the blood of patients with septic wounds

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sufficient tenacity to remain long enough upon a divided artery to

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make this demonstration as thorough as possible during the time interval

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perative needs possibly because he foresaw that other re

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cases which have come under my observation to the practice of

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disinfectants and stimulants. They are mostly in tab

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tion of the aorta and projecting upwards and backwards. It was adherent

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or restlessness. The intelligent apprehension of the objects

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The business of the Association will be transacted in Six Sections

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slow and there may be palpitation of the heart. Fever does not occur.

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patients in such a way as to establish immunity against slight

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