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as the result of a speciflc irritating poison in the system

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Many of the circulars we have received contain the articles of confedera

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him and in an instant the Adrian team was upon them.

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to the region of the gall bladder. Vomiting and jaundice are com

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Clinical Surgery Illinois Assistant Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery

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traceable to morbid nervous influence or to deranged physiology of one or

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one of deljility and rela.xation and the indications

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were no aural synptoow. On Saturday moraiag the nurae

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proved to be glandered. This leads me to assume that mallein

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institutions. Prohibition is already making itself felt

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much appreciated. Vendors carry it on their heads like

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HIGH TEMPERATUEE of the body we have a condition unfavor

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sense of hearing and upon the functions of its intricate and beauti

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has not been known as yet to produce any serious pathogenic

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a loose body appearing in the left knee shortly after

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stance in which the operation has entirely succeeded in this country.

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such treatment can neither remove the disease nor relieve the symptoms.

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in o of the infectious fevers and of their treatment bv the

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hay flower dissolved deep down and the loam drew out

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A remarkable case of acute cutaneous mercurialization is

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Throughout the records there are occasional references to cases of

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were found to be emmetropic when examined in water.

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The University Hospital is located at the corner of Congress and Lincoln

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the constant motion of the air causes such a dispersion

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and this country show some proportion between the mortality from

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evolution of the pock become slightly enlarged and tender.

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rience the front outlines can be best obtained from the front except

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