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not uncommon in hospitals during the prevalence especially of

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trazodone kidney disease

ance for varying periods during the continuance of the

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third day for a while. The result was excellent and the

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with an erroneous diagnosis of hysterical hemiplegia

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prise the adoption by Mr. Stansfeld of all or nearly all the principles

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died such forms being commoner in long ulcerated lesions.

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nected with the development and expression of the mental character

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restraint. With such cases our lunatic asylums are largely filled

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tension. Some yield to gentle traction in a new direction or to

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be anointed with unguentum gallse cum opio. If pain is felt in the

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entire body shows deep pigmentation of a bronzed metallic hue. most

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nus. Botanists describe a vast number of roses but this

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level of the lesion by cutting off the tracts to those parts

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of typhoid due to washing milk cans with sewage infected

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already enabled me to understand some developments in

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Certainly avoidance of venereal disease and prostitution is not

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better results from it than those who were not but who trusted

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sudden rise in tempOTature takes place very soon after the hemor

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A number of the deaf schools have b en furnished with pianos.

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phthisical patients should from time to time be thoroughly cleaned

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The Committee on Dietetics made a preliminary report in

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specialist deceives himself and endangers the safety of

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in the process of casting and the operation his loins had been

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alien not into one state but into parts of several states and

is trazodone used to treat bipolar disorder

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teachers and students must be grateful to the distinguished authors

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converted into fine dustlike particles but in most of the cells even

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with action. Seven little shepherd puppies were kept in a

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