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tion the union of tartarised antimony and the super tartrite ot

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each in turn to see if he can find the opening in the

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like the nitrate of silver it is proportionately much more irritating

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have led to the comparison between them and anenrisms properly so called

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Graduate School of Medicine of the University of Pennsyl

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quanam utenc um est methodo ut illorum ope substantiae contaminatae et

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and who were defeated by an enemy less numerous but less

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doses of a remedy which I believe should usually be admin

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when injected into the veins produced only septicaemia the unfiltered

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the observer should endeavour to discover the pathological condition

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stand that statistics are in course of preparation designed

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HISTORY. The ancient writers Hippocrates Galen Aretseus and

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growths as well as the anus for fissures etc. etc.

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peated the power of regeneration often proved insufficient and a chronic

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nancy etc. and may not be incompatible with life. If

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stones were nothing of that nature but were concre

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of stimulants in cholera was uncalled for and exceedingly

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countered many times by the priest in everyday life. They

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Yet only a fraction of those exposed to trauma develop

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and eight broad and apart from some embryonic tissue in mic

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Palsy the first necessity is to ascertain as accurately as possible the

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dictated by caprice or rash empiricism. Another principle of treat

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any exposed skin will be least likely to be soiled. An

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animal bodies or by means of culture fluids and solids out

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and taught that castration w i netj esary to salvation.

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eine the proceedings of which are reported in Lyon medical for

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Beyond these may be seen the inferior meatus the floor

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Two or three turns of the band should overlap to prevent ex

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may be the result of injury of bone of inflammation or of death

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tumour contained lymph. The origin and development are

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efficiency. The pressure can be regulated by the size of the sponge

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