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haps lying in the capillary is thus affected. There is a general increase

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ination to account for death beyond a slight localized peritonitia

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Showing Sugar Reactions Gas and Toxicity of B. sporogenes like Strains Isolated

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be they normal or morbid matter. In this manner mercury acts

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sufferer the resuscitations in some cases ajiparently dead and if you

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above to protect the parts from the patient s own activities and to

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Instructor in Gynecology Illinois Surgeon Deaconess Hospital .

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years the subject has been revived and the presence and characters

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On July loth about five months from date of injury the wound

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immunizing substances which he calls antituberculosis

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to walk suggested a lesion about the hip joint. He had much

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huwever there may be a full allowance of meat along

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MCLXV. The external applications which may be applied

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vomiting general abdominal sensitiveness TnB obligations or the surgeon to

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serous membranes it is fibrous and between the broken ends

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employed in this disease as stated upon the authority of Mr.

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expecting all neuralgic affections to present a distinctly rhythmic

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been illustrated abundantly in the general and the medical press.

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upper fragment of the sternum opposite the one and a

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other must have taken place at the moment of ventricular systole

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seen particularly in the hip the knee the spinal column or shoulder. It

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Their walls were occupied by the same large oval clear nuclei as were

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rhosis under the head of alcoholism whereas formerly they were returned

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in small numbers neutrophilic leukocytes containing fat granules

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divisible always the same under aQ circumstances by different names and

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In most of the ca es related by Mr. Michell the influence

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educated but crammed. In any case it is not because

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base leaving that in the latter dry and unyielding

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ensis burrows in the subcutaneous tissues and discharges young

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genic. They consisted mostly of white and gray white

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science was involved either Wells Jackson or Morton was

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which we can recognise it as we do inherited syphilis or

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be in accordance with our present state of knowledge con

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Analysis of Cases of Tetanus treated in Home Military Hospitals from August

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acid or better with catgut which has been steeped for a

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