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has not been proposed in this discussion because none of the Fellows
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against infection. The baby suffering from severe decomposition
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present case. In regard to treatment but little is said ex
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finely divided silver dust into low viscosity flexible
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are necessary it is understood that the author s will be
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sidered in regard to the utilization of an administrative
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ate and tropical regions though most abundantly in the latter.
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duced at a later period than any other. I have succeeded in reducing
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well interfere with the reutilization of iron by the organism and
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Moreover the experiments of Schlopfer who injected the acetate of
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right ventricle which is more extensively dilated by the increased amoimt
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sufficient of themselves to keep a conscientious clergyman al
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d glucose to form milk sugar. If this lactose be then resorbed
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Lundsgaard and Van Slyke and Dreyer have shown the importance
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ing those assets for public benefit. The same argument
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to admission he began to lose power in his legs and
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administered almost entirely by the veins. In seven
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The patient was discharged on the thirty fifth day feeling
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with potentially rabid animals or who frequently handle
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the ounce. The eyesight is apparently normal as are
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has abundantly proved that there is no kind of casual connection.
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themselves to the inhabitants at the time of that outbreak were such
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placentomata were not noticeably influenced through the injection
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of modes but is perhaps most easily understood by tracing
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torial staff of La Science medicalc has undertaken to con
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abundant albuminuria. In the same manner although convulsions recur
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of irritation merelv particularly those which occa
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may be little if at all involved. The patients may notice occa
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Hurst and Bell in their article referred to below. Already certain ani
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The first requisite to the proper treatment of malarial infection is

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