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abdomen and sides of the chest. The methods of operation

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The Adventures of Francois. John Senrood Iron Master is a

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bottle containing a per cent tincture of iodin in the school room.

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augmentation of excitability around the negative it is due as

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unable to make comparison of them with those obtained under

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even less in a minute the profound effect produced is most

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Soda oxalate crystals tetrahedral and insoluble in acetic

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the eye one of the arms of the apparatus pointing to the

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are as much crowded as filthy and as ill ventilated as

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Cleanliness is no less imperative. Many cases are started

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various degrees of urgency. Then they can get you to the

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is often tremulous and speech is slow hesitating and laborious so that

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even greater if the discharged patients who had been

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long speech which was frequently interrupted by applause

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been used in vivisection work and promises to be of some com

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Physician to St. Timothy s Hospital Physician to the Ken

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reform. In the answer to Question we outUne various changes being

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and serious results. If very cold water be taken when a

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begets confidence and experience aids in teaching what

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sist long with a corresponding and increo sing defect of

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as satisfactory. If after several days it fails to do this

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complete rest hygienic conditions far superior to those obtaining in

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disease were in reality due to syphilis. Heai t disease and venereal

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because they can not be kept in place. The best form of appliance

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uraemia in which stupor a dry tongue rapid feeble pulse muscular twitch

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under twelve years of age with a crippled incurable epileptic

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interval or latent period in the brute creation Is it the same

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epidemic however in which this type prevailed and the extremely mild

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the borders and cornei S of fields and in gardens also.

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common in fits and some other disorders. The bark or

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sound of was represented by that of the German ch in Ich

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with its tail between its legs sorelv depressed at being done

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gestive apoplectic. Hypertrophy Atrophy Lymphadenoma LeulcEemia.

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stomach and intestines with the production of gas and

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pneumonia. With regard to nature the relative gravity I should say

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and he makes no spontaneous movements his body is cold and

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action of the quinine would of course become nil. This theory also

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great reduction in this organ may occur but I have never seen the

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