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do not remain permanently colourless at any rate have become incapa

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or irritate the stomach in any way nor is it so likely to

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different years. I have just referred to the differences in the

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during the two hours before its effects were felt Here it was

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The reports of the secretary treasurer and auditor were read and

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smaller extent. A second case was that of a drunkard

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reduced in patients with moderate to severe renal insufficiency

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of food or of weather. With some fever there appear on

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stated by Sir W. Gull not to have any specific character

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flammatory process involving nearly if not quite all the mucous surfaces

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ly the treatment I wish to outline here. This treatment

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When the bacillus mallei is found in the circulating blood the disease

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within recent years for tuberculosis none has as yet

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breathed at rest the less will be the tendency to dyspnea on exertion

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tions Avith a paroxysm at the end of forty eight hours and double

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rope which is not too long they are perfectly safe without

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