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report on the efficiency of many forms of filters sold for

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felt a peculiar jar all through our systems our own feet involun

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tinal obstruction for other causes than intussusception

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ing a distinct type may be compared to the haemorrhagic forms of

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official authority from the Secretary of Agriculture. Now in

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the whole book has been often enough translated into

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jorlty of the votes cast shall be necessary to elect.

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mony when the first symptoms appeared making a smart coun

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variously successful and unsuccessful. The chief difficulties were the

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excepting that it contains the new officinal preparations

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vaccine was found to be safe and effective in protecting

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in other organs. If none of these conditions is found

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and loss of appetite in many cases are serious obstacles. Many patients loathe

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of the biologic luborntories of Europe and in flunk

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the operation. These peculiar s viuptoms were there

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ichthyol must be applied beyond it usually it is not necessary to apply

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of our knowledge of the neuron went to show the very

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United States College of Veterinary Surgeons. Faculty

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scientific researches we have a work well worthy of appearing in

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ulceration in any part of tlie mucous membrane of the

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food and over work by debilitating render animals subject to

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rubbed and beaten to a smooth mass suitable for pills

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adjacent parts of the brain on both sides may indicate the

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gruel milk or drinking water by animals. Cats and dogs

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production renders the massage douche a most powerful

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manded for serious conditions and the intraglandular

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process by extension downwards with a padded fulcrum in the

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