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pathology and symptomology seems to have reached its
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under the diagnosis of those affections. It may be sufficient here to
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Dr. Bihhins presented a mouse having upon its head a cutaneous
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These suffocative seizures have a very frightful aspect. The patient
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injuries and of disease. From these same writings one
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the same manner. With vegetable poisons and causing their degeneration and that
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place this may be done with safety at the end of the fifth
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These bacilli were never virulent in animals. Guinea pigs were inocu
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though it happens principally at advanced periods of life all classes
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quiries attending its arrest and what is still more
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substitution of a more powerful for a weaker antiseptic agent. The object
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the observer should endeavour to discover the pathological condition
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where city water is not available well or cistern water
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diate method but this advantage is generally a secondary
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by the medical attendant. We all know that these diseases exercise a
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from tibia oatiae. In euet peioeutagaa and per millea
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and other bitters or by mineral acids with or without pep
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Afljert Wilson c dls attention to the fact that there has always
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his patient is dying and though he may find him quiet and
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for they took all the specimens personally with the result that the
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ence in the heart showed that the form of the electrocardiograms was
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ing and of the last six meetings less than fifty can be counted
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sweats weakness and loss of weight. Physical examination revealed no active

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