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erable proportion of the patients have borne one or more

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present there and that the exhaled fluids are absorbed or taken

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the result of an anicmic brain very frequently appears and

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present in a legal meeting shall judge most fit and con

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all mechanical or manual labor the body should be bent or

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to as any other stock. It is often caused by close con

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logically suspicious disease should undergo open biopsy.

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five per cent solution of lysol can be used for this

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of burning fpirits of wine before they have plenti

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nate by resolution the most common consequences of it are

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of the system of the aorta and therefore a plethora ad molem

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in England imported as has been supposed from Holland. The

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quinia and perhaps prevent relapses it might also answer as a prophylactic

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more especially in relation to the pregnant state. That

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clearly given. That of leucocythsemia though permissible to

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tones are better perceived by air conduction than high

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motor centre and thereby diminish the arterial pressure. If this nerve

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pality to interfere so as to make the law a dead letter.

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immobility and in the fact that they do not reach back into the

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Epilepsy is a sudden and violent spasm of the muscles lasting ten

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upon this subject. Dobie says that the treatment by large doses of

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of the Locomotive functions which cause the patient to totter from the very

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will entirely depend upon the cause. If a nerve leading from

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to obtain from their heart cases is due primarily to the fact

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conditions through the action of a reducing agent. When large

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Such is a brief and imperfect record of the laborious

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only ultimately effected by removing all the teeth. Mr. Tomesf

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displa.yed extraordinary acts of eccentricity such as

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tinue to intrigue those who believe themselves to be nti

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of milk and propagation of tuberculosis tuberculin and mallei n and the

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where no accident happened to perform the whole of the operation

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four and thirteen is rarely fatal but in the infant is a very

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cases while the woodwork of stables horse fittings on board

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applied to the throat is a valuable measure in Aj sfeHca

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