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slapping the body or by brushing or rubbing the surface
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It has checked the paroxysm of intermittent fever in con
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lin s cautery at one time. A very large scar was forming which
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fatuity arising from the slow play of the features the thickness of the
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infection. In all these recorded cases there was active
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ployed. After the linear incision has been made and the sternum
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man of scientific mind will henceforth dare to use such
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as northern Persia may be referred to as some type of the
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but a big beUy and a fat face must be distinguished
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fibrinous matter and absorption of the tiuid portions of the eflTu
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gangrenous process being quite as rapid and as fatal.
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mitted in the surgery of the army. The stock operations in the
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recommend to you as the readiest means of obtaining
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already possessed a high temperature it would only serve to
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muscles had been induced by falling on the end of the
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yoanger the signal column the greater the flexibility.
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complex pattern of responses in lower doses than required to produce periph
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fever without such vicissitude. Yet from cold as dews and
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thought the boy unconscious at times as he would lie
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the profession of medicine identical in mental caliber with
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where poor humanity s thormoj euif apparatus is spared the
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the accordeon apart the air contained in it will be
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rupture of the bladder. In the average patient the urine is septic
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done better to provide us with something that we could not get
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with dilute hydrochloric acid on the water bath. The product was
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to atmospheric vicissitudes. In this country so far as the author
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passes through the muscular portion only of the thigh the wound

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