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Deborah in the almshouse. The present minded son. This illegitimate boy was
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tions of the central nervous system. The intrathecal ad
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palm and at a later period a swelling on the second
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reports went the official report a pamphlet of pages to each member
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teaching which he himself had already in some measure
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patient urinated without straining. There was frequent
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times a day to walk rapidly over exceedingly smooth
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diphtheria and those processes diat resemble it do not
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severe intestinal irritation. When thus lodged in the neighbour
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scribed patches on back loins quarters tail intense itching skin thick
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Eustachian tubes through the naso pharynx the applica
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ing the twenty four hours grammes or grains of the bisulphate
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rise ustee aqua calcis calcaria soluta oxydum calcicum aqua solutum
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things which harbor the insects that may transport the spirochEetse
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holds that it i.s reasonable to suppose though not absolutely
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fever there is no obvious indication of increased thermolysis it was
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condition of the sphincters of the bladder and rectum. The pupils are
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a current of ten milliamp res was used in a given case gives
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after treatment. If all went well litholapaxy would allow the
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Sometimes the liver and the gall bladder are enlarged in
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diet as it fills the stomach affording the stimulus ol
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Fleischl hemoglobinometer. From another branch blood was with
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tests and Student s Newman Keul s tests were used to
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Enemy of Human Diseases. They were principally dietetic rules etc.
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endemic rsf that although difierent authors have found the disease
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This is detected by the mobility with or without grating
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Celli gives the results of quinine prophylaxis in the i enal colony
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heart If the oo.exi tenoe lt rf all these conditions is
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relatively low tension and the abnormal peripheral re
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rated as follows A tired sensation a desire to sleep

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