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December Ist when she was no longer able to hold her head
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admirable monograph on aspiration neglected to make the
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however recollected that in the fight in which he was
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gether. By means of the rectal injection this is advised. In i
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kidneys are pressed upon suppression of urine takes place and some
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extensive collateral circulation which may exist until past middle life without
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of hydration by the action of ferments are converted into peptones
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of an intermittent fever that had been stopped by the sulphate of
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continued for a year. On transillumination the antrum was very dark
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side the stomach and may exactly stimulate the hour
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that the disease does not consist in an affection of the blood
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in the heated muscle is no longer capable of histologi
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pletion of his stupendous task. It was a work that de
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canos les asistia a ser miembros de la Asociacion Ameri
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and distributed after the vital information necessary is
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subcutaneous ganglia becoming tuberculous we shonld examine the
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upon his cured cases. The question of cure is not so
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blood circulates and the food digests. Eut never a word is taught
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In studying the ileocecal region it is important to examine
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should be commenced in secret that it should be concluded in
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only those facts which may later be needed. Moreover even if such
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unequal and even irregular in outline. Later in the disease they may be
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mixed cultures and requires no special explanation.
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It has been noticed in the East London Hospital for Children that
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originates in the bone and gets into the joint by process of
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inhalation of the vapor of nitric acid produces very serious effects.
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other by the nervo vascular excitement and anaemia. The treat
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that afternoon over the corpse which means whisky and

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